Slowly getting caught up on my Project Life album from 2013! This one’s from early November. My husband and I were lucky enough to get away on a weekend trip to Maui just after Halloween. It was our first real, non-working vacation together and we had a blast (despite both of us getting horribly sunburnt the first day!) To be honest, it took me a day or two to wake up and not feel like I had to go and take the dogs out! I’m such a (dog) mom!

For this one, I used:

Maui Full Spread

Once I got everything printed, this spread came together rather smoothly. Gerilyn’s printables are consistently fantastic and I abused my new Tiny Attacher to hold all the baker’s twine where I wanted it. This and the last spread were also journalling heavy, which is a bit odd for me. Usually, I lean on pictures to tell the story, but with these, I wanted to keep the specifics in there to look back on. 

I still have a couple more spreads to share from November and then it’s into December Daily! Yay! Getting caught up feels good!