When my husband and I first got together, we shared a bedroom in a three bedroom house we shared with four of his friends. We look back on those times and laugh. We had two computer desks, a dresser and a broken futon bed that required a counter weight. If I tried to sleep on “my side” without him in it, it tried to dump me in the closet.

When we moved to LA, we kept finding ways to better our standard of living. Luckily, our income allowed for this. First we had our own one bedroom. Then another one bedroom that was slightly bigger, better laid out and in a nicer area. Then a two/two in the same building, then another in a different area, then another in that same different area. That’s where we are today, in a very nice place in my favorite part of Los Angeles. But something was not right with this place… we had a designer come in and help us try to fix it, we’ve tried DIYing it, but nothing about the space felt like home. It didn’t inspire us to make it better. It just was. It was great for a great many things, including holidays full of friends, but it was a very bad home for our family. Too big, too easily cluttered. If it was clean, it looked spartan and severe but the slightest bit of clutter made it look instantly messy. My husband shared my frustration with it. It was time for a change. But what? It came to us in an odd way.

While my depression is certainly much better than it has been, something was still not right. I’m still quite anhedonic and I went to my doctor for advice. Her advice? I needed to shake up my rut. My thought? I also needed to look at my priorities and get some realignment. I looked at places that stuck out as sore thumbs of unhappiness in my life and one cropped up immediately: home. I talked to the husband. What could we do to make it better? Declutter, obviously. But after that? My answer surprised me. “I want something smaller… something more cozy!” So we decided to find something and find we did. A new space around the block. It’s still two bedroom so our hobbies have some room but it’s much smaller. We’ll have to get rid of most of our furniture. I think we’re keeping maybe five pieces, tops, and even then, several of those are in-between pieces that we plan to pass along once the right pieces arrive. A couch, an entertainment stand, our bed, two desks and that is it. Everything else must go. There simply isn’t room. We do have room for our hobbies, crafting for me and gaming for him, but only just barely, just enough for us to enjoy but not overindulge.

In the past, I would have immediately felt lack. Not enough space, what will I do without x,y or z?! But now I see it as a challenge. I’m looking forward to trying to make it feel like Christmas without the traditional tree, to make gatherings work in a space half as big as what I currently have and to make a real home with my husband. So, now along with all the standard crafting posts, you’ll get to see stories about us figuring out how to live large in a small space. I hope you’ll enjoy it!