Moderation: Is It Possible?

Are you team “everything in moderation” OR “moderation is preventing you from achieving your goal”? Honestly, I’m not sure what team I’m on. Blame it on me being a Hufflepuff but I can see both sides. It’s so hard to choose!

I think what it comes down to are self-knowledge and self-trust. If you can trust yourself to keep your moderation actually moderate, it can be perfect! I suggest 80/20 paleo to any of my clients who just want to clean up their diets but aren’t training for anything specific. I tell them it gives them four “tickets” per week to buy a non-paleo item with. This makes it easy for many people because you don’t have to be fussing over every damn thing you put in your mouth. Sometimes you just need a Coke… and by you, I mean me. Sometimes I need a Coke. However, leave me to my own devices and I’ll have a can a day. Those add up. So structure helps me have moderation.

But, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t have self-control, moderation could just be another way to get into the weeds. “Oh, I’m just eating a moderate amount of Cheetos on a moderate amount of days” could mean a lot of different things in this context. You get into the daily can really fast because the self-control doesn’t hold the structure together that allows for moderation.

How do you know your moderate is actually reasonable? That structure I mentioned must be there. How much and how you place it is up to you but I think to meet any goal, you have to find the balance of structure and moderation that’s going to work for you. I suggest that anyone who really wants to change gets help of some type. That could come in so many forms that it should be doable for anyone. It could be a friend, a wellness coach like me, a personal trainer, nutritionist, whatever. You’ll have a sounding board to help make sure you have a reasonable idea of what moderation, both for you and in general, looks like. From there, you can make powerful choices and hopefully create powerful change.

So, what do you think? What team are you on? Let me know in the comments, either here, on Facebook or on Instagram. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Until next time!

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