My Goal? A Complete 180!

What is a goal, health-related or otherwise, that you are currently working towards? Is it a goal weight? A PR? Kondo-ing your life? Maybe all three like me? 😁 

As you can see here, my major goal for right now is what I’m calling #acomplete180! 180 pounds is my goal weight at this point but I don’t want to get there, hell or high water! I want to get there feeling awesome, whole and like I really enjoyed the journey. 

As of right now, my way of getting there is:

  • Fitness: in the gym 6x a week (four days lifting, three days running) with sprinkles of restorative yoga
  • Food: 80/20 paleo along with lots of self-love and laughter.

Am I going to hit snags (asks the girl currently holed up at home with an ear infection)? Absolutely. But with this goal in mind, I can keep correcting back and eventually get to where I want to be!

Where am I now? 275 which means I’ve got 95 pounds to go! I know that seems surprising, but I’m incredibly overweight. I calculated this based on a dexascan done on me. It gave me the amount of lean weight and fat weight I had on me at the time. With that information, I was able to create a goal based on where I wanted my body fat to be. It’s a pretty rough sketch, but if I’m happy and healthy, I’m not going to freak out over a few pounds. 

What are your goals? Comment down below and let me know! If you post about it, tag me. I’d love to see and support you!

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