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I'm carolee

Welcome to my new site, the virtual manifestation of the inside of my entrepreneurial brain and creative heart — a place where you can leave your business-building insecurities at the door and inhale some real-talk goodness about the highs, lows, challenges, and thrills of starting your own business(es).

Here you'll find

authentic, professional advice about living your best “alien entrepreneur” life

candid commentary on the process of creating and running multiple businesses

a view into all of my fun special interests, corgi photos, and more!

And, as a bonus, you’ll find a healthy side-serving of mental health chatter: some honest truths about what it takes to “focus up” as someone living with ADHD and chronic health issues while balancing many, many passions, projects, and pursuits.

This will be fun. Thank you for growing with me. 

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my support team (yes, even Cap!)

Learn to Live Your Dreams

I’m a serial entrepreneur supporting and advocating for “alien entrepreneurs”: folks like myself who are neurodivergent, have health issues, or other lived experiences that make traditional business advice feel like it’s written for a whole other species!

Poke around and connect with me on my contact page to let me know what you’re working on, how I can help, and what’s resonating with you!

this is the place For You IF...

The standard business advice doesn’t work well for you since it assumes you are neurotypical, not dealing with chronic health issues, etc.

You’re looking for someone who’s honest about their experiences running a business. No Instagram perfect fluff, just real life!

You love dog pictures, BTS, Japan, Disney, or any of the other things I’m obsessed with!

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