hey alien friend!

I’m carolee, Your ally in business building

Hi! I’m Carolee: serial entrepreneur, design-fanatic, partner to one amazing husband, mama to our corgi Ruby, and your ally and guide to living a life of creative, professional abundance.  

my big disclaimer:

my approach to starting your own business is different from what you may have heard before. After 15 years of freelancing, taking risks, making mistakes, and nurturing my passions into money-making life, I’ve learned a big secret I’m willing to share with you today— we don’t have to do it all the same way, and in fact, you don’t have to pick “one thing” to do at all! As an adult recently diagnosed with ADHD, I’ve lived my whole life reworking existing systems so that they can work for me, and I hope I can inspire you to do the same.

My business philosophy

Anyone who has taken a Business 101 class or has humored the idea of entrepreneurship has likely heard about the power of being niche: this is the concept that if you offer something specific enough, you and your audience will easily find each other and you will shine in your industry.

It’s something I’ve tried and tried again, picking up and putting down multiple businesses in efforts to find “the one” that would stick… the one thing I could rinse and repeat over and over that would never bore me and remain relevant for my audience and clients. And, guess what happened?

I got bored. I lost focus. 

I kept having new shiny ideas pop into my head, and my learned understanding of business-building would nudge me to abandon whatever seed I had planted to try to grow a new garden—a little bit of a “grass is always greener” mentality mixed with the sneaky suspicion that whatever I was working on was perhaps one shade of what I REALLY wanted to do, but not the whole rainbow. 

After many years of rebranding myself, my work, and my offerings…after hundreds of hours spent building business after business in pursuit of setting my soul on fire… I was lucky enough to be diagnosed with ADHD—and yes, you read that right! LUCKY, because I finally had proof that my brain and heart do work differently than others, that Business 101 courses are not written in a language I can understand, and lastly, I finally had the permission to do things in a way that works for me.


A Few Of My Favorite Things




I’ve been obsessed with corgis for so long and about 10 years ago, we got our first, Finny, followed by a little sister for him. Finny passed in April 2021 but Ruby’s still around and keeping us laughing.


BTS dancing in front of the UN


That’s right, I’m ARMY! I found them through the James Corden show around the time ON was released and ever since then, I’ve been a huge fan. I’m absolutely a J-Hope fan, but SUGA is my bias wrecker for sure!


A planner laying open on a desk

playing with paper

I absolutely love scrapbooking and physical planners, so much so that I ran a scrapbooking store for a period of time! I still craft regularly and live entirely out of my physical planner. I’m a big proponent of creativity and this is the main way I show mine.



Traveling to japan

I never feel calmer than when I’m in Japan. The vibe soothes my neurodivergent brain and the copious amounts of tea in the vending machines all over makes me do happy dances!

girl, the wait is over

Time to Stop Waiting ANd start Living

Carolee and Ryan cuddle in front of the castle at Disneyland

today, i don't niche myself down.

I spread myself out. I give my full self to whatever I want, whenever I want, and I get to see what sticks and what doesn’t without the pressure of losing “everything” if something doesn’t fly. I can put the energy into the projects I want to when and where that energy arrives, and I get to do it openly and transparently with my community of entrepreneur-peers whom I love, respect, and trust.

A little weird, I know. But aren’t we all?

Sound interesting? Sound like something you believe in, too? Let’s connect!

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