My Three Anti-Resolutions for 2022

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We’re a few days into the new year, and we’ve all been “motivated” to make new year resolutions. These goals are often planned for during the holiday hangover week, and by mid-January, most people have already given up on them. 

The usual New Year’s Resolution thing works especially poorly for us alien entrepreneurs. Thanks to ADHD, I struggle to trust myself with the follow-through to stick to resolutions. Others may have internalized the issues that neurodiversity or other health issues cause as character flaws, so they’ll create elaborate goals to try and “fix” themselves. 

I decided that this year, I would skip all of that. I decided to flip it on its head and write out the things I’m no longer doing. Meet my anti-resolution list!

My Anti-Resolution List:

1) Skip goals and focus instead on creating solid habits.

What types of things will I be adding?

  • Regular workouts, including weekly hikes with Ruby.
  • Keeping my takeout to once-a-week
  • weekly content habits
  • and more to come!

My friend Monica inspired me to do this. She was planning to do this, and I think it’s better than resolutions for neurodiverse folks! Rather than the massive pressure of SMART goals, building habits helps take a lot of the pressure off and helps us get those small wins and regular hits of dopamine that our brains crave. Screw up one week? No big deal. Next week is right around the corner.

2) Stop letting advice that works for neurotypical people dictate how I will run my business.

I know I struggle with consistency and habit but not out of laziness, but how my brain works. Nike-style “Just do it.” energy won’t help me here. Same with ideas like niching, opinions around branding, and a few more. I’ll be focusing instead on learning what works best for my body, mind, and schedule. Those things make a business sustainable, and true success rarely comes without sustainability.

3) Stop making it a slog and make it fun!

Did you become an entrepreneur so you could go from working 9-to-5 to working every waking hour? Yeah, me neither. Burnout has gripped me for several years, and to get out of it will require me to make changes. How will I be doing this? First, I’ll be prioritizing quality downtime. I need to get back into my hobbies and special interests again. Next, I need to learn to pace myself. Rebuilding my relationship with focusing now that I have the medications to help me is a high priority. Sure, I love the zoom that stims give my inattentive brain, but it builds my burnout meter. Finding the balance will be key moving forward.

4) And this one is just for me: don’t chase the money.

I tend to try to monetize something before it’s ready. I get excited and want to get it out there to share with everyone. Having someone pay for it gives me the external motivation I desperately desire. I decide that I’ll figure it all out in flight, but this means I don’t see where the problems will pop up until it’s too late and I’m stuck in the middle of them. It sucks, and I’m tired of doing it. No more, please.

Folks (even past Carolee) can get too caught up in the idea of resolutions and the ideal version of ourselves that, while alluring, is ultimately unattainable. We forget to focus on the little things that will help us change ourselves and the world. I hope my list of anti-resolutions inspired you to make your own. If so, I’d love to hear them! 

Thanks so much for checking this out. I’m always excited when my writing can provide helpful inspiration for other alien entrepreneurs! If you have any more questions or concerns, reach out to me here in the comments, on Instagram, or via Twitter. Until next time!

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  • Monica
    January 3, 2022

    I love the idea of building solid habits! We got this!